Back to where the magic happens! The Citroën H-Type Van has returned to 70s Car Restoration for its transformation to continue. Take a look at the state it was in - the roof, floor, and numerous panels had been carefully removed before blasting due to their poor condition.

Citroën H-Type Van

Work in progress

Danny's Ford Capri Mk3 holds a special place in his heart. Wait until you see the engine in the next post! You might have seen the car before as it made a cameo in Ashes to Ashes!

Ford Capri Mk3

Work in progress

Time to get the Midas MkII a little cleaner. After a thorough clean using traffic film remover and jet wash, it will be ready for the next step in the restoration process.

1981 Midas MkII

Work in progress…

The Mini Sprint screen flanges are done after being re-laminated, making them solid! We’re really pleased with the results which are to the correct size plus nice and neat.

Hawk Mini Sprint

Work in progress…

The Mini Cooper 998 MkII, owned by Paul Davenport of Plastics4Performance, has seen its fair share of adjustments with that Mini Sport side panel. It's been off and on more times than a merry-go-round! But fear not, we're committed to making it right.

Mini Cooper 998 MkII

Work in progress…

1953 Bentley R Type

Bringing Beryl back

Watch as the 1953 Jowett Jupiter body builds and builds, forming the bigger picture of this classic beauty. Stay tuned for the stunning transformation.

1953 Jowett Jupiter

Work in progress…

1977 Lancia Montecarlo

Restoring 70s cool

1969 Cox GTM

Work in progress…

Yamaha YR5

Classic candy paint

Mk2 Ford Escort Estate

“Make it usable every day”

1956 MG MGA FHC Prototype

Restoring history

Peter Skitt Jaguar XJS

1990 Jaguar XJS

One person’s dream

1970 VW Karmann Ghia Cabriolet

A beautiful finish

1971 VW T2 Camper

An emotional attachment

Honda RS125 Race Bike

Replicating history

Mk1 Ford Escort

The Mk1 for every day

1951 Sunbeam S1 Motorbike

A careful re-commissioning

Jenson Interceptor SP

A bloody good paint job

Mk1 Mini Marcos

This started as a 50p bet!