Knowing Who The Most Important Person Is – ‘You’ The Customer

We know that 70’s Car Restoration would not be around if it was not for you the customer, our number one priority.


Passion For What We Do

Without a ‘Passion’ for what we do, it just would not be right for you.


Knowing The Emotional Value

The value of your classic has no bearing on what we do and how it’s costed. We share your emotion.


Listening To Your Requirements

Listening helps, reacting correctly works and understanding is everything.


Excitement When Confronted With Difficult Projects

When presented with what others would call impossible, we see it as an opportunity and challenge.


Keeping You In The Know

This is important, there’s nothing worse then not knowing how your project is progressing. So we will keep you posted at all times with emailed photos and chats. Plus every Sunday you are welcome to pop round for a ‘tea, coffee and bacon butty’. All part of the service.